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The company was founded in October 2017 by Rodionova Rita Aleksandrovna. The inspiration came from consultations with professional athletes, amateur athletes and recommendations of experts in the field of sport and functional nutrition. An important role also played my own big experience in use of dietary supplements. “I realized that the vast majority of sports nutrition products on the market contain a huge amount of absolutely unnecessary and even harmful ingredients, such as colorings, thickeners, preservatives.

Similar case: the main product “enhanced” with the additional ingredients so to say in order to increase its’ effectiveness. It’s famous marketing trick. In fact, the content of these ingredients is only 5-10% of the effective dosage. It seems to the average consumer that he gets best value of money/quality, but in fact it’s deception. The main ingredient is always expensive. The producers low the cost price by increasing it’s volume and adding several additional cheap components. In the end only they win, but not the consumer. Such attitude towards the clients disappointed me and at this moment I decided to create my own product line with the maximum content of the main chemical ingredients and minimum additional components. We don’t use colorings, soy lecithin, GMO in recipes of Dark Side Laboratories products! No marketing tricks! Only effective formulas, including necessary components!”


“We offer our clients only that my family and I use every day!” 


Photo of owner Dark Side Laboratories brand         




Conferences with experts in the field of functional and sport nutrition and knowledge of English and German languages (I am a translator by the first education) allow to find producers around the world.

We choose as suppliers only direct manufactures and not companies that resale products.

That gives us following advantages:

  • Guaranty of quality GMP Certificate and COA from the producer on every supplied batch
  • Guaranty of the   supplier’s reliability, he’s responsibility for defects
  • Guaranty for following all demands and shelf life
  • Democratic costs and conditions of the suppliers allows us to make attractive prices for the clients


Dark Side Laboratories NSFGMP Certified




The obligatory condition for companies to place our Dark Side Laboratories contract manufacturing at their production powers is passing NSF certification. NSF certificate guarantee the company compliance GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) 

The products are produced according to Dark Side Laboratories recipe. We closely monitor quality, by checking the ready product in the independent laboratories.




  • We personally use the products that we offer you!
  • We offer what really works saving your money!
  • We don’t use marketing tricks!
  • Save your time with our own online store!
  • Worldwide delivery!
  • Attentive and value our customers!
  • We strive for Dark Side Laboratories products to accompany you thorough your entire fitness journey, bring joy, helping you achieve your goals! 


photo of the Dark Side Laboratories owner from the fit model competiotion