Dark Side Laboratories - production and sale of high quality sport nutrition

Dark Side Laboratories Company was founded in October 2016. The aim of the company was to create the products of high quality by low price. In our formulas we tried to keep maximum contents of main active ingredients and to low the content of additional components such as aromatizers, sweeteners, thickeners, etc.  We refused completely from using in our products of such components as colourings, soy lecithin and soy. Not any of our products contains GMO. We may say that our specialists are “obsessed” with creation of effective formulas, including only necessary ingredients.

Our Company is well oriented on the market of ingredients for sport nutrition production and food industry, that is why we choose from the very beginning the suppliers, who offer only best raw materials. We use production areas that correspond to international high quality standards.   

We are proud that we can provide to our customers high level of support and delivery by saving time and money and giving them point of view of on-line delivery with the help of our internet shop.  

Making orders in Dark Side Laboratories internet shop you can be completely sure that you receive the products from the producer. We are striving to our customers get their aims and make then happy with that.

Take our side and get best for you!